Vandals hit Olympia office of Republican state lawmaker | The Seattle Times

2022-06-15 12:08:22 By : Ms. Angie Veteam

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — The office of a Republican Washington state lawmaker was vandalized by two people who smashed a window before tossing a lit flare inside, which police said may have been a diversion for an antique shop burglary that happened shortly after.

House Republican Leader J.T. Wilcox posted Ring video footage to Twitter that showed the individuals approach the building around 4 a.m. Monday. Both had their faces covered, and one smashed the window with a hammer before the other dropped the flare into the building, The Olympian reported.

Wilcox says the building, which also houses House Republican campaign offices, is fine because the flare landed on a masonry floor.

Police said the same suspects later burglarized an antique business about a mile away, and video images were recovered from both locations.

Lt. Paul Lower said Tuesday the suspects may have created a diversion in the first location to commit the burglary nearby.

Police also were able to recover DNA samples because one of the suspects cut himself while breaking into a jewelry case, according to a police report.

The value of the stolen merchandise is estimated at more than $5,000 and the cost to replace a skylight at more than $2,000, The Olympian reported.

The suspects were last seen driving an early 2000s model Subaru Outback with a trailer hitch.